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The New Beginnings is committed to providing a God-honoring resource to single mothers that assists them and their children both physically and spiritually in a way that demonstrates Christ’s sacrificial love.

In 2011, The New Beginnings officially opened its doors to underserved single mothers in Southwest Florida. The founders of The New Beginnings saw how great the need was for single-mother households to be supported and offered opportunities to grow through higher education.

Single mothers face unique challenges and frequently struggle with financial stability due to one income, low wages, and lack of social support. This can lead to moms feeling overworked, time-starved, depressed, lonely, and hopeless. 

Our residential program is designed to address these issues head-on by assisting mothers with changing the harmful patterns of their past and enabling them to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and prosperous career. 

If you have any questions about this Mission, please send an email to: carolinatiuso@clflife.com

Cory & Lydia Masters