Foreign Mission
Democratic Republic of Congo:

Hope for Tomorrow

The mission works to provide food, clothing, and education for widows and orphans in Africa.

Hope for Tomorrow, formerly known as The Isaiah 61 Project, is a missions partnership that we support in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

The Program initially supported 30 orphans and 31 widows. With Christian Life Fellowship’s help, as of September 15, 2022, the Program now supports 50 orphans and 55 widows. Thank you, Jesus! 

Because of the mission, children receive an education. The Program assists with school fees, school supplies, and uniforms. Widows are empowered to train and start their businesses. 

The conditions in the DRC are dire, and genocide, disease, and famine are rampant in the areas they minister. Please click below if you are interested in donating to this life-changing ministry.


Orphans Supported


Widows Supported

If you have any questions about this Mission, please send an email to the Missions Director

Pam Van Eck