Christian Life Fellowship Church in Cape Coral, Florida, has a team of great authors that speak LIFE into everyday situations. Our LIFE BLOG articles are encouraging, and uplifting and provide value to their readers. 

Dina Comer

Is the Lead Culture Director at Christian Life Fellowship Church. She has served at the church since 1990 and is passionate about the youth and leading people to live Christ-centered lives. She is married to the Lead Pastor, David Comer. Dina is the author of two books which can be purchased at the Info Center at CLF or via Amazon. 

Josh Comer

Is our Family Ministries Pastor and an elder at Christian Life Fellowship Church. Josh has been on staff at CLF since 2009 and oversees JVOX and VOX ministries. He’s passionate about seeing people boldly pursue Jesus.

Riana Comer

Is the Events Director at Christian Life Fellowship Church. She has been working at our church for more than ten years and is married to Pastor, Josh Comer.

Douglas Garcia

Is the Communications Director at Christian Life Fellowship Church. He is an evangelist who loves seeing people commit their lives to Jesus! He is passionate about marketing, research, and strategy.  

Danny Perez

Is the Family Ministries Admin Assistant at Christian Life Fellowship Church. He is passionate about guiding students to live Christ-centered lives and sharing reasons and evidence that support our faith as believers (also known as apologetics).

Camila Dominguez

Is a VOX and JVOX youth leader. CLF has been her home since 2008, and she has a passion for writing to build others up in their faith.

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