Welcome to the LIFE BLOG

Most of us are looking for answers to life’s most challenging questions. We endlessly search for valuable information that can help us fix our problems, improve our current life, or even shed light when we don’t know what to do.

When life gets complicated, we all start looking for a quick fix. While a three-step solution sounds dreamy, this thinking is far from reality. We wait until we are in too deep and get desperate. Sometimes, this leads us to listen to the wrong people, purchase self-help books that end up as decorations on our coffee tables, or even try things that lead us deeper into trouble.

So, where can I find valuable content?

Many of these written resources fail to help as they try to sell us a product or program that might provide temporary relief but disappear as soon as the next storm hits. Ultimately, we fall into an endless cycle where we barely breathe, troubles keep growing, and gasping for air is not enough. We become dependent on general knowledge that doesn’t transform our lives.

So, where can I find valuable content? Christian Life Fellowship Church in Cape Coral, Florida, has created this literary space for those wanting to read and learn valuable information that is life-changing!   

Why is our LIFE BLOG different
from any other Blog?

If you are tired, burdened, depressed, anxious, or without purpose and want to break the cycle, you have arrived at the right place. The LIFE BLOG offers life-changing stories, helpful content to lift your spirit, and relevant information with practical applications today!

The LIFE BLOG will help transform your life through God’s active and living Word. It’s what inspires us to write and gives us hope daily. The secret ingredient of our blog writing is a non-religious, conquer-your-fears, everlasting savior named JESUS. We are excited to share his love, grace, forgiveness, and how he has transformed our lives and the lives of countless people.

What About Content?

We will add valuable content, ranging from delicious recipes to answering some of life’s most difficult questions. 

People of all generations can enjoy our posts and share this edifying content. 🙌🏼

My Prayer

I pray that God transforms
your LIFE with every article
posted in this BLOG and
that you find the Love of
JESUS in every word written!”

Journey with us and allow yourself
to taste and see the great things happening to others!