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tech team Overview

“To create life-changing moments through the fusion of technical and creative arts” (Todd Elliot). There are several ways to serve on the Tech Team: Mixing Audio for Sunday morning, Mixing Audio for our online family, Live stream video camera operator, Running music lyrics for the Sanctuary, and much more. If you can check emails, send texts, and take awesome pics of the fam you have a spot on the Tech Team!

Sound Operator



Lighting Operator

Spanish Translation


Your impact

  • Regarding your actions; “is this serving the people?”
  • Regarding your production; “is this furthering the message?”
  • “You are a technical artist, not a technical doer.”

You are never on the stage but your work has a huge impact on the service. You are never in front of the screen but you have a tremendous impact on the service.

As you consider your purpose of working on the Tech Team, consider the huge impact of your actions both in how you support the creatives, serving them, and in how your work affects the feel of the service.

raising the next gen

One of our goals is to infuse the next generation on the Tech Team so we can empower them in their passion for Jesus, L.I.F.E. and Tech.

Join the Team as we serve with tech!