Cultivating a community of burning hearts

to grow in passion for Jesus through encountering

His presence and proclaiming His glory.

Who We Are

The Torch is a Christ-centered training center and school of ministry that proclaims the glory of God and equips his people to grow in passion for Jesus and servant leadership. Our schedule and methods are divergent from most schools of ministry. The Torch is designed with the working adult in mind. The majority of the classes, outreaches, and service projects take place in the evenings and weekends without the intense schedule requirements of a typical college or full-time ministry school. All of these activities are scheduled in such a way that a working adult with family responsibilities can attend the school without quitting their career or neglecting their family. The tuition and fees are economical and reasonable. Students should not need to take on loads of debt in order to participate.

Our teachers and leaders are all experienced, proven believers with ministry experience and theological training. They are dedicated to using their knowledge and gifts to glorify Jesus, build the Church, and invest in the students participating in the school of ministry. Our hope is to provide a rich atmosphere to grow in the love of God and His Word. We aim to empower students to discover their purpose and giftings while gaining confidence in leadership and ministry training.


Our Focus and Vision

Our focus is primarily on students growing in the knowledge of who God is and connecting to Him as the focus of their lives. From a place of intimately knowing God we believe that fervent prayer, humble service, zealous evangelism, excellent leadership, and a focused life are the natural result. Our secondary focus is on students understanding their identity in Christ and who He created them to be and how He uniquely designed them for a place in His church.

Our vision is to see a community of people who are trained as the first disciples were trained by the chief shepherd, Jesus Christ. Students connecting directly to Jesus through worship, prayer, and obedience is of utmost importance. We believe that someone connected to Him in intimacy and love can do more for their Christian walk than any program, method, or knowledge that can be given them by instructors. Jesus lived life with his disciples and trained them in a variety of different ways that is often neglected in ministry schools today. The Torch is set up for each student to have a broad experience in walking as those first disciples did in a variety of training methods while encountering the same Messiah that led the first disciples.

Students committed to the process will be confident in God and how he uniquely designed them. They will learn how to pray, witness to the lost, heal the sick, rightly divide the Word of truth, receive gifts from the Holy Spirit, form life-long alliances with fellow students, and have a heart full of affection for Jesus.

Our Core Values

Passion for Jesus
Pursuing and developing a heart to be filled with passion for Jesus is the central focus in all that we do as a ministry school. We desire students to be committed to seeking a life of abandonment and obedience to Christ through the fascination of His character, personhood, and love. We desire to lead people to live a Christ-centered life. The primary goal is for all students to be rooted and grounded in the truth of who Jesus is and to be impacted by Him in love at the deepest of levels.
Servant Leaders
Jesus said that the greatest of his disciples would be the servants of all. We promote this heart-standard and lifestyle and want to see it formed in all of the student body at the ministry school. Jesus was the greatest leader and also the most humble. Our leadership training will not just aide each individual in the qualities and characteristics of a good leader, but will be intentional in the needed facet of servanthood.
Living Relationally in God’s Family
We live relationally in all that we do and teach. We value building godly relationships and enjoying fellowship together as a spiritual family, as we learn, work, and serve together. We want to equip students to value and function in the local church throughout their life and understand its significance in the plan of God.
Affirmation of God-Given Gifts
Our desire is that through rigorous study of the Holy Scriptures, fellowship with other students, service and outreach, each student would be confident in how God uniquely made them and what gifts he wants to give them. We want to see each person’s gifts and talents identified and practiced for use in their lives for the glory of God and effective ministry. It is through investing in serving, under the headship of Christ and the authority of the Church, that our God-given gifts are identified and used effectively.
Prayer and Worship

Prayer is the primary means of grace this side of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and worship is the proper response to encountering God. We want to see each student develop a fervent prayer life and be extravagant in their worship to Jesus. There will be focused times of prayer, fasting, and worship in order to have a flourishing life of communion with God.

The Word of God
The Holy Bible is the final authority for all practice and doctrine in the lives of believers and the Church. Our desire is that all students gain a deep reverence and receive a firm foundation in the Scriptures to equip their hearts in the knowledge of God and to fuel their Christian walk. This is a primary way that students can focus on growing spiritually.
Engaging the World
We seek to engage the world around us through the power of the gospel. Because of this, witnessing to the lost through outreaches in our community will be part of the core requirements and most important aspects of the school. Each semester our students will participate in a number of different outreaches with the possibility of engaging others with the gospel cross-culturally through foreign mission trips.

What We Do

Theological Study
Students will enjoy an extensive variety of classes covering the essential doctrines and truths of the Christian faith as revealed to us in the Scriptures. From surveys of the Bible to specific topics like heaven, the academic teaching is meant to expand the mind while engaging the heart. Our instruction upholds responsible scholarship, yet with an emphasis on service to others, personal holiness, and the building up of the Church.
We don’t just want students sitting in a classroom learning about their faith and the kingdom, we want them to act on faith and minister the kingdom. Beyond the classroom learning, there will be a variety of outreaches in or near our local community in which students will participate in sharing their faith with others, praying for the sick, and helping the needy within the context of a team environment.
Ministry Workshops
Guest speakers and ministers will periodically join the school for times of special ministry and impartation to the student body. All of these guests will have been thoughtfully arranged and requested in order to best strengthen the students and to display a variety of gifts and offices that the Holy Spirit has given through these mature disciples of Jesus.
Service Projects
Simple steps of obedience and loving service will be a staple during each student’s time here at the school. Various service projects will be arranged for the class to participate in as part of the curriculum. We want each person to practically serve others and love their community well. These projects will help the students to grow in unity together as they walk in the way of Jesus through humble service.
Care Partners
Loving God and our neighbor should be the laser focus of every Christian because Jesus said that they are the greatest commandments. God specifically identifies the foreigner, widow, orphan, poor, and minister as those he wants his Church to care for as an extension of his hands and heart. Each student will be required, either individually or in pairs, to provide different levels of help and attention to a person that identifies themselves in one of these categories.
Overseas Mission Trips
Part of engaging the world is not just to our literal neighbors and local community but to the peoples of the earth. God is the savior of the whole world and his longing is for all nations to glorify him and know his lovingkindness. We are committed to the Great Commission and will have opportunity to travel as a team to a foreign nation to minister cross-culturally.
Development Labs
God has formed each person with a propensity towards certain talents that are innate. Apart from this, the Holy Spirit has provided a variety of gifts that he has given to the body of Christ through spiritual baptism as a means of encouragement, edification, and strength. Once each individual’s talents and gifts have been received and identified they will be encouraged to grow in these through development labs. Development labs will provide a great opportunity for students to be mentored in an environment designed specifically for their makeup. They will be mentored with other mature believers operating in the same or similar talents and gifts.