We believe that Jesus is the hope of the world

Our missions and local outreach efforts are built around three key priorities:

Sharing the Gospel

We believe the gospel is good news to all mankind. It is our first priority in all of our missions efforts.

Empowering the Local Church

We believe that God rescues individuals and gathers them back together as His people called the Church. We strive to always build and work through the local church in our missions efforts, regardless if it is locally or globally.

Meeting Physical Needs

We believe in serving others, whether it’s through the giving of cold water, visiting in prison, mending wounds, building homes, or giving something to eat. We believe these things are simple, practical ways to express the love of Jesus and open the door for the Gospel to be shared.



September 29th- October 5th, 2018

CLF is taking a short-term mission trip to Haiti September 29th- October 5th. Participants will be passing out water filters, sharing the gospel, and hosting a soccer camp for both youth in the community in partnership with the local church. Participants must have previously attended an international missions trip and complete the CLF Missions Track in July. Click here for more info and to register.


July 23rd- 29th, 2019 

CLF is taking a short-term mission trip to visit our sister church in Colombia in July of 2019. Participants will engage in activities with the local children, minister to parents and/or caregivers, repair/paint church building, share the gospel with and serve the community, etc. This is a beginners level trip, so the only requirement for participants is that they complete the CLF 4-week Missions Track. Click here to register or contact adamwelch@clflife.com for more info.

Below you can find some of the ministries, organizations, and church relationships we partner with.