Partnering with parents to grow kids


What is KidLife?

KidLife welcomes all children from 6 weeks- 5th grade during both of our 9:30 and 11:15 AM Sunday services.

We are passionate about helping kids of all ages experience the love of God while growing them to know who He is. This happens through age-appropriate messages, genuine worship and engaging activities. Kids have a ton of fun in environments that grow solid faith! All of our KidLife volunteers have undergone background checks, as well as personal interviews for the security of our children.

If you would like to know more about KidLife, please contact our Children’s Ministry Director, Carolyn George, at

What to Expect?

If it’s your first time taking your kids to KidLife, please arrive early to our 9:30 or 11:15 services to register  and check out our children’s environment. A KidLife team member will help you securely check in your children and give them a special tag. At the end of service, we’ll use your matching tag to check your child out safely.

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Baby Life is a loving, fun place where your littlest ones will be cared for, prayed for, and taught with Bible stories sharing God’s truth. They also participate in interactive worship geared specifically for their age group!


  • A few disposable diapers
  • A complete change of clothes in case your child requires it
  • A bottle of milk, formula, juice or water
  • Any other snacks or food items
  • Please make sure all items are clearly labeled with the child’s name


In Little KidLife, children are taught that: 1) God made me for a reason; 2) What the Bible says is true; 3) I can obey God; 4) I can share Jesus with Others. KidLife leaders are passionate about teaching your children the truths from God’s Word in an exciting way geared to their specific age group. They experience and participate in interactive worship, activities, crafts and more!


Due to food allergies of some children,  please refrain from sendinging snacks into class with your child.

**All children in Little KidLife should be potty trained. Any child in diapers will be urged to attend Baby Life.


In Big KidLife, your kids engage in high energy activities that help them learn to live a Christ-centered life. This time includes crazy fun games, worship, Bible videos and more. KidLife kids learn that:

1) God made me for a reason; 2) What the Bible says is true; 3) I can obey God; 4) I can share Jesus with others. Big KidLife kids also collect “God Cards” each month to take home and share with their friends.


  • An age-appropriate Bible for your child if they have one
  • Out of concern for the severe food allergies of some of our kids, we ask parents to REFRAIN from allowing your child to bring food or drink into the classroom. Water IS permitted.


KidsClub is for kids whose parents serve on Sunday mornings. Kids go to their regular classes for one service and to KidsClub for the other. This helps them not have to go to the same class with the same lesson for two services. They get to have fun and be included in a special club just because their parents have stepped up to help serve in the Kingdom of God here at CLF.


  • An age-appropriate Bible if they have one.
  • Optional: a snack and water.


In KidLife our Buddy Ministry is designed specifically to serve children kindergarten through 5th grade with special needs. This program pairs qualified teachers with special needs children so that they can enjoy our environments each week.

Discover more about our Buddy Ministry here.

Baby Dedications

Baby dedication is a special occasion when parents present their children before the church, the family is prayed over, and the parents agree to raise their child according to the Bible. In Luke 2:22-40, Jesus’ parents dedicated Him to the Lord. This is different from baptism, which is a personal decision to follow God. Jesus showed us that dedication and baptism are separate events when he himself was baptized (Matthew 3:16–17). To stay true to the evidence in the Bible, we dedicate babies to the Lord in infancy and wait to allow children to choose baptism when they’ve made a decision to follow Christ. Parents wishing to dedicate their children must 1) be members, 2) are required to attend a mandatory dedication class, and 3) must pick up a free “Dedicated” book at the Info Center. Our next baby dedications will be held on Mother’s Day- Sunday, May 12th, 2019. Email Carolyn George to register.

Child Baptisms

Baptism is our way of expressing that we have a personal relationship with God. The Bible gives several examples of children who declared faith in God and served Him well. We baptize children when they have made their own profession of faith in Christ. If you don’t feel that your child is ready to be baptized, it may be appropriate to wait. If your child is ready to be baptized, click here to visit our Events page and find out the date of our next water baptisms.

Wiggle Room (Nursing Moms)
We have a room dedicated to nursing moms for them to enjoy the service with their children in privacy. Located in the lobby, the room is a great place to care for, comfort and feed your infant during service. An usher or greeter will gladly help you find the room.