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Auditing Courses

For those not enrolled as a core student in The Torch school of ministry, classroom courses are available individually for anyone interested. Registration and payment required prior to attending.


Spring 2019- Course Schedule

Course descriptions

Instructor: Pastor Adam Welch

Theology of Heaven: Dwelling & Destiny

Heaven is often misunderstood and left undiscussed. Join our Torch ministry school for a 13-week course examining a Biblical theology of the subject of Heaven, its common misconceptions, and its eternal significance as the dwelling place of God and destiny of believers. This course is taught by Pastor Adam Welch. Audit cost is $105.

 Instructor: Elder Bob Tetreault

Sermon on the Mount

In the 5th, 6th and 7th chapters of Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus Christ reveals both the character and the conduct of his true disciples. When coupled with the New Testament’s teaching on who Christ is and what Christ does, the Sermon on the Mount is a perfect starting place for Christ’s discipleship plan, “…teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you…” (Mat. 28:20). Jesus’ sermon does not give us elusive goals seldom reached but direct orders to be obeyed by faith, a solid rock to build our lives on. This class is taught by Elder Bob Tetreault. Audit cost is $75.

 Instructor: Pastor Adam Welch

The Preeminence of the Eternal Son

Jesus Christ is the central figure in the Christian faith and the most beautiful person to ever live. His teaching, life, death, and person changed the course of the world while echoing into eternity. This 10-week course taught by Pastor Adam Welch will explore the preexistence, divinity, humanity, life, death, resurrection, ascension and endless fascination of the God-Man. Come see the One who causes angels to proclaim, humans to rejoice, kings to tremble, and Heaven’s gates to fling open. Audit cost is $100.

Instructor: Dr. Leslie Schneider

Motivational Gifts

Taught by Dr. Leslie Schneider, this 4-week course is designed to enable the student to find their particular motivational gift, which drives us in all areas of our life, regardless of our calling.  Too often we may put a member of the body of Christ into a wrong position of service.  When we don’t access a member’s gift, we often take them out of the position that God would have them occupy and place them in positions they were not meant to fulfill.  This wrong placement can cause frustration or disappointment.  It also helps us to better understand others and improve our communication with them as we work together as one body. Audit cost is $35.