When we invest our lives to serve
others we are most like Christ

The Go Team is the heart of CLF. It’s made up of different types of people using their abilities and passions to serve God by serving others. Take a look below at all of the areas where you can plug-in and serve.

We ask that before joining any area of our Go Team you complete LIFE Track.

Audio / Visual / Lighting
The AVL team keeps things running smoothly during our weekend services and at events so that our attendees can worship the Lord and connect in church without distraction. They operate the lighting, sound, visuals, and livestream.
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Sound Operator Lighting Operator Computer/Slides Operator
Camera Operator (Video) Livestream Team

“I love to serve in God’s house, where His people gather to enter His presence TOGETHER! I believe it’s insanely important that what we choose to worship Him with brings all glory and attention to Him. I feel worship through AVL carries into my regular life, too. What do people see and hear from me? Does it point to Jesus? Worship is a lifestyle I choose, and to me, it is so much more than music or making the stage look pretty.” – Carolyn George, Visual and Lighting

Children’s Ministry
The KidLife team is dedicated to growing the next generation! They engage children through Bible stories, group activities, prayer, and worship. They also work behind the scenes to provide a welcoming environment for families.
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Nursery Teacher
Nursery Assistant
Pre-School Teacher
Pre-School Assistant
Elementary Teacher
Elementary Assistant
Children’s A/V Team
Special Needs Buddy Program
Curriculum Specialist (Non-Sunday/Office Volunteer)

“I serve in Kid Life because it’s the greatest thing we can pass on to the next generation! Numerous studies have concluded that only 6% of adult Christians make their decision to follow God over the age of 18. That creates an unbelievable opportunity with lasting effects for those of us in Kid Life! That is why I serve.” – Andy Anderson, Boys Small Group Leader

Connections Team
Connections team members make the first impression that new visitors will see of Christ at CLF. They drive shuttles, welcome people before services, work in our Info Center, and help attendees find their way around our campus.
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Indoor Greeters
Outdoor Greeters
Info Center
Parking Ministry
Shuttle Drivers
Connections Tech

“My husband and I greet at church for several reasons. We’ve been very blessed and now that we’re retired, it’s time to give back. We don’t know who walks through our doors, and our smile or handshake might be the only one they get for the day. A first impression is a lasting impression, and we want visitors to know and feel the love of Christ that lives in Christian Life Fellowship.” – Sandi Jucha, Greeter

The Facilities team serves behind the scenes. They take care of the church building and grounds, prep for services and events, help with landscaping, renovation, and property improvements.
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Building Maintenance/Improvement
Grounds Maintenance/Improvement
Cleaning Crew

“God has done so much for me that I am glad to serve Him in any way I can. I believe our church grounds should look appealing so as to draw people to our church. I enjoy being outside because I am close to the wonders of God’s creation.” – Rick Rouse, Grounds Maintenance/Improvement

The Hospital visitation team provides prayer and support for CLF members who have been hospitalized.
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“I am thankful for the gift of prayer! Prayer is the beginning of any healing, restoration and power. Without it, we would not be able to do the things we do. God brings the healing and we are obedient in His call to serve others, especially when they are in need of a great big God who loves them! This is why I serve on our Hospital Visitation Team. There are countless testimonies of God showing up and showing off. He gets ALL the Glory!” – Artlyn Rector, Hospital Visitation Team

LIFE Track volunteers serve by facilitating our Sunday morning membership course. They come early to greet those attending, set up the room, and help those new to our church connect to the CLF family.
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Set Up

“I enjoy meeting new people who are intentionally seeking God’s will for their lives. I love hearing their stories. It’s cool getting to know people who have been attending CLF for weeks, months, and sometimes years who are now ready for their next step. I also enjoy learning about the different gifts and talents people have to serve the Lord with.” – Magdiel Hernandez

Prayer Ministry
Prayer Ministry volunteers are people who feel called to make a difference through prayer. They pray with attendees after service, behind the scenes during service, and throughout the week for other prayer needs.
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Altar Prayer
Sunday Prayer (Behind the scenes)
Livestream Prayer
Prayer Shield Partner
Place of Hope

“I love when we pray for people and it moves the hand of God. We see the powerful results of people getting healed, restored, set free, marriages restored, addictions broken, strongholds and generational curses broken and much more. I love God, and I love serving and loving on people.” – Ray Rodriguez, Altar Prayer Ministry

This team assists in translating the message live during our weekend services for individuals who most comfortably understand Spanish.
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Service Translator

“When I started attending CLF, hearing the sermon in Spanish really helped me to feel more comfortable and a little closer to home. I saw the need for translators and I responded to the call. I trust in the Lord and the things He can do in this ministry. I want the Spanish people who come to the church to find a welcoming place in our family.” – Raquel Rodriguez, Spanish Translation

Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry volunteers build relationships with students and minister to them through teaching, worship and intentional discipleship. They help with check-in, greet students, set up for events, lead small groups, and are available for prayer.
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JVOX Leadership Team (6th-8th Grade)
VOX Leadership Team (9th – 12th Grade)

“I serve in VOX to pour into the next generation. I have a passion to challenge the students to live out what they believe. I wish I would have had spiritual leaders during that season of my life, so I feel privileged to be that for these students. It makes my heart happy to see the VOXers living with boldness for Jesus, and the relationships that are built through the VOX family are priceless.”– Kim Jeleniowski, VOX Youth Ministries

The Cafe team helps provide a space for community to happen during weekend services and at other events. They connect with attendees, make great coffee, help to facilitate a welcoming atmosphere, and prepare fresh bakery items.
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Counter Attendant
Food Prep

“Serving in the Cafe ministry presents opportunities for welcoming and encouraging both newcomers and church members. I get to serve great food and also develop team relationships. It’s all good!” – Tracy Wyatt, Cafe


The Farm Team helps to maintain, grow, and develop the farm located on the back property of CLF. The farm exists to fund global missions and to help feed local communities in SW Florida.

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Chicken care
Plant care

“I like to use the health and strength that God has given me to labor for His kingdom. I can see how it’s being used to provide for others around the world. I also love the fellowship with the other guys on the team that I work alongside with as we grow together spiritually.” – Pablo Palacio, Farm/Agriculture

Creative Arts
The Creative Arts team uses a variety of visual art forms to support messages and connect sermon series. This team writes skits and dramas, performs live art, thinks up creative elements for services, and designs stage sets.
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Prop & Stage Design
Live Art
Creative Writing
Creative Design

“I love Jesus. I love CLF. I love drama. Serving is my way of giving back to the people I love.” – Jacquie Young, Creative Writing

The Hospitality team serves by providing hands-on event preparation and food services for special church events and those in need.
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Food Service and Prep
Room Set Up
Special Needs/Bereavement Meals

“I serve on the Hospitality team because I love Jesus and I love to help. I am so thankful that this was modeled to me from my mom and grandma. Homemade food or baked goods is a small way to love on people!” – Pam Van Eck, Baking/Cooking

Life Groups cultivate Christ-centered community. Leaders facilitate small groups, develop leaders, and encourage members to faithfulness and deeper relationship with Christ.
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Life Group Leader
Life Group Leader Assistant
Host Home

“Serving as a Life Group leader encourages me to grow spiritually and also gives me the ability to serve those who are hurting and in need of someone to walk with them through various seasons of life. Some of my closest and dearest friendships have blossomed from not only leading a Life Group, but also being involved in a Life Group. I serve because Jesus served and I want my life to mirror His!” – Anne Stauffer, Life Group Leader

Office volunteers serve by helping with projects and administrative tasks, as well as preparation for upcoming worship experiences and events.
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Front Desk Volunteer
Office Project Assistant
Graphic Designer
Data Entry

“I volunteer in the office so that I can assist the staff in achieving their goals. We have a small dedicated staff who have many areas of responsibility and who take on additional projects whenever needed. I get so much from being a member of CLF. This is one way I am able to give back.” – Corina Tiemeyer, Office Volunteer

This is a team of trained individuals that help secure a safe and orderly environment for our weekend services and events.
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Medical Response

“God prompted me to start the Medical Response Team, to provide hands-on medical support to the congregation, staff and children each Sunday . Just as the pastor cares for the flock spiritually, I felt God calling me to take care of them medically if an emergency arises. We are all family working together to provide a safe and secure environment while we worship our Heavenly Father who made it all possible.” – Camille Klein, Medical Response

Worship team members are passionate about seeing others experience and cherish God’s presence as they glorify the Lord through music. They lead worship at weekend services and other events.
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Graphic Design
Worship team members are passionate about seeing others experience and cherish God’s presence as they glorify the Lord through music. They lead worship at weekend services and other events.
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“I serve because I feel called to do so and desire to honor the Lord with my life. Serving in our worship ministry is a joy. I love helping to lead people to a deeper place with God through song. Worship and music is my passion and I’m thankful to serve and minister in such a way.” – Alexandria Lopez, Vocalist and Instrumentalist