Here at Christian Life Fellowship, we want to C.A.R.E. for neighbors and reach them with the message of Jesus! So here is why we C.A.R.E. and some practical ideas of how to meet and connect with your neighbors.




Genuine concern for others.



Willingness to do something for others.



Enabling others to feel they can relate to you.



Establishing a meaningful connection with others.


How can you show Compassion?

  • You can pick up litter in your neighborhood and spread some joy!
  • Perhaps offer to clean a neighbor’s gutters – a kind act for the rainy season coming up.
  • You can power wash with a purpose your neighbor’s driveway or pavers!
  • Be a helpful neighbor – bring in their garbage cans.
  • You can offer to help with yard work.
  • You can give away items to those in need!
  • Welcome new neighbors with a thoughtful gift.
  • Ask your neighbors how you can pray for them – show them you care!

How do you become Available?

  • You can chat with your neighbors from your front porch or community center. Build community and relationships!
  • Try organizing a fun “Pet Meet” for dogs and their owners to socialize.
  • Know of a sick neighbor? Make homemade soup, a card, and a prayer for them.
  • Start a new habit of walking and praying in your neighborhood for health and community.
  • Want to go the extra mile? Try running errands for your neighbors, and show kindness and even generosity by declining their money!

How can you be Relatable?

  • When connecting with neighbors, start looking for common interests and hobbies to talk about with your neighbors, such as gardening, sports, or cooking.
  • Try sharing your testimony with a neighbor and showing them what have been learning in your journey.
  • You can start a block party and give your neighbors a chance to get to know you and your family!
  • If your neighbors participate in any local events, show your support by attending those events!
  • If you have children, build relationships with other parents, and organize playdates.
  • You can give empathy and support to a neighbor you know that’s struggling and may need someone to talk to.

How can you be Engaging?

  • As a primer to Bless Every Home, you can take a walk while praying for your neighbors and their homes.
  • Try inviting 1 neighbor over for dinner and get to know them as you share a meal!
  • Perhaps leave a card at your neighbor’s house with a message saying you’re praying for them.
  • Try giving a gift card with a friendly hello to show you care.
  • Exercise loving your neighbors, even the ones you may not care for, as Jesus has called us to do.
  • You can use your social media to invite friends and family to church!
  • You can invite a neighbor on a walk and spend some time outdoors together.

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