To lead people to live a Christ-centered life

We believe the LIFE centered around Christ is an abundant LIFE (John 10:10) and that it is best experienced when the believer engages in L.I.F.E. by:


Living relationally with other believers.


Investing their lives by serving others.


Focusing on growing spiritually.


Engaging the world around them with the Gospel.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a church that nurtures its members to such wholeness that the broken of our community will be drawn to Christ through their relationship with the people of CLF.


We believe that a healthy church produces the following:
Strong Families

We see families sharing meals together at night while encouraging one another with the word of God. We see teenagers and children loving and honoring their parents as a result of discipleship training offered at CLF for their appropriate ages. We see Spirit-led marriages that become life-long commitments as a result of proper, Biblical application along with intentional equipping classes and events.

Served Neighborhoods

We see healthy believers engaging in the lives of non-believers in their neighborhoods through acts of kindness, relational connection and sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Spirit-Filled Workplaces

We see spiritually mature Christians in the marketplace with great concern for their co-workers. Their work ethic and practices reflect Biblical values in such a way that they find favor, promotion and position within their jobs, giving them platforms to engage their fellow workers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Supernatural Encounters

We believe that because of the awareness made through discipleship training and the work of the Holy Spirit, our church will see regular, divine appointments throughout their daily lives. In those moments, we will be prepared to pray for, share and invite others to Christ and experience signs and wonders following.